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In order to maximize flip time and have easier access to beer, we require online pre-registration for teams.

Your ticket gets you all the beer you can drink from 3-7 pm, a collectors' t-shirt and an entry into the Tournament of Champions.

"Will Drink for Boobs" T-shirts are included in your registration so be sure to decide which style you want by looking under Apparel and choose that style on your registration form.**

We have two registration deadlines you must be aware of; The "First Deadline" pricing is good until 30 days before the tournament and the "Final Deadline" pricing is good from then until 15 days before the tournament.  After that we can only offer you entry as a spectator.  Please check Registration for more information.

Curious about what to wear? We always say you look GREAT in your WDFB shirt but sometimes people like to stand out and wear costumes. Please take a look at our photo gallery to get an idea of what kind of gear your fellow competitors have rocked in the past.



So you want to join us for the event but you don't want to play flip cup?

You can either pre-pay online by clicking the Spectator section under Registration or just bring cash to the door to enjoy in all the fun and beer you can drink from 3-7pm for a great cause; however, you will unfortunately be unable to play in the tournament. If you choose to pre-pay, you have the option of choosing the style and size shirt you wish to purchase; otherwise we will have a very limited amount of shirts and hoodies in various sizes available for sale at the door as well.

Want to come but hate beer (shame on you)?  You will still either pre-pay or pay at the door and then will have access to all of the drink and appetizer specials available to all of our "supporters" (get it?).



Want to donate to a fun and creative event but can't attend?

You can click on Registration to make sure your money goes towards this great cause.  Just fill in your information and amount and the rest we will take care of!



1. Team Captains are responsible for their team’s participation and actions.

2. Team Captains have ONE minute to get their whole team to the table after being called before they forfeit. There are a lot of games to be played and everyone needs to be timely.

3. Beer must be filled to the official marking on the cup at the table.

4. Lead-Off flipper is furthest from referee with the Anchor being closest to the referee; you may not change your lineup mid-match.

5. Lead-Off flippers touch fists until ref blows whistle to begin.

6. Flippers may initially balance cup with two hands but are only allowed to flip with one. You will only be warned once before forfeit.

7. In the event of a tie, as determined by the referee, a re-flip (do-over) will occur.

8. DO NOT ARGUE WITH WDFB OFFICIALS! - Remember why we are all here and if you think you have a legitimate issue, your Team Captain may politely discuss with Refs/Organizers, who ultimately have final say in any matter.



Will Drink For Boobs