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Q. What is Flip cup?

A. Flip cup is a beloved college drinking game where participants on each team race to drink the pre-determined amount of drink in their cup and then place the cup right side up on the edge of the table. They then try to Flip the cup upside down so that their teammate can then repeat the process until a winner is crowned.

Q. I have never heard of Flip cup, is that different from Tippy cup?

A. Yes it is (no not really). But you have been calling the game by the wrong name this whole time. It would be like calling Soccer something completely false and strange, like Futbol...

Q. Flip cup is played many different ways by many different people. How many players are on a team?

A. There is only ONE right way of playing Flip cup and that is with 4 players on each team.

Q. Do I have to be 21 to play?

A. Yes. We here at WDFB do not condone underage drinking and our hosting bar will help ensure that the Flippers of the future cannot enter the premises unless they have attained legal age.

Q. I registered already but now my teammate can't make it. Can I replace them?

A. Yes, please just send us an email with your team name and the person who is replacing the person on your roster. But it's your responsibility to shake them by their ankles to recoup their portion of the registration fee.

Q. I already registered but I need to change my shirt I ordered.

A. Please email us with the correct size/design desired and we'll fix it for you!

Q. Do we need to have a costume to play?

A. Not at all! We always encourage our participants to enjoy themselves and just because some people choose to dress in ways that would surely get them laughed at anywhere else; it doesn't mean you have to! Just come join us and have fun!

Q. What happens if we cannot play the day of the tournament?

A. Will Drink for Boobs reserves the right to refund any ticket. After all, this is a fundraiser and even if you are unable to attend, we guarantee your money is needed for this great cause.

Q. Are there deadlines for registering or can I just show up?

A. Yes! We have a First Deadline which is 30 days prior to the tournament and also a Final Deadline which is 15 days prior to the tournament. After this, you are only able to come as a Spectator.

Q. I want to play all my friends during the tournament, how can I make sure of this?

A. You can't. We do our best to match you up with ONE team that you desire to play but even then we cannot guarantee anything. We want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible, so if you're playing people you've never met before in your life, go ahead and say hi. We pre-screen everyone to make sure they're nice people!

Q. I'm not drinking, do I have to pay?

A. Yes! Everyone donates to enter the event no matter if you are drinking or not. Remember why we are all here and don't be stingy!

Q. Can I donate money without attending?

A. Absolutely! Please visit our Registration page and select Donors.

Q. My business/I would like to become a sponsor of Will Drink for Boobs, how can I?

A. Oh it is easy! Just visit our Sponsor page for more info!

Q. Why are the prices higher than before?

A. The move to online registration makes it easier for you to get signed up and to pay (no one really liked having to find a stamp and envelope anyways). This shift has made it slightly more expensive for us to operate, but alleviates a lot of the issues with mail-in registrations. In order to maintain quality donations to our walkers, we are now including shirts in the registration package rather than it being optional.

Q. I never wanted a shirt before, now I have to buy one?

A. With the move to online registration we are limited in our abilities on how we can register teams and still allow those who want shirts to be able to order them, all while keeping your costs down. By having everyone receive shirts it helps us mitigate the higher operating costs and preserves our level of donations to the walkers; plus you get a really fricken sweet Shirt! Please also keep in mind that the shirt sales are where we actually raise any money.

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