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In 2003, three recent college graduates embarked on a brave (though perhaps slightly overzealous) journey to walk 60 miles in the first ever Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-Day.

Faced with the arduous task of raising $2,100 each, they decided the best way to get 20-somethings to donate and be involved in the cause was to connect over a beloved college past-time: a drinking game.

Will Drink for Boobs was born.

In April 2004, 12 teams met at Brother's Bar & Grill in Minneapolis and participated in the first ever Will Drink for Boobs Flip Cup Tournament for breast cancer research in the Twin Cities, raising a total of $660.

Over its five years, Will Drink for Boobs raised over $7,000 in contributions towards Breast Cancer research, with anywhere between 15-30 teams in attendance each year. In 2009, we had a welcome growth spurt, and a record of 50 teams came to compete for the Golden Boobs. Over the next two tournaments, our WDFB family grew, and as our community expanded, we surpassed $20,000 in cumulative funds raised.

The most memorable year yet? 2012. On April 18th, 100 teams and cheerleaders of all ages came to flip thousands of cups and enjoy one of Minneapolis' most entertaining tournaments. We had record-breaking attendance, sponsorships, and friendly competition as we raised our cups to survivors, loved ones, and the hope for a cure.

If you happen to ask a group of your friends over the Flip Cup table if they have ever played in a tournament, we'd be willing to bet that more than one person would answer "yes" - and we're pretty sure it would be a past WDFB event.

How is that possible, you may ask?

At WDFB, we pride ourselves in creating a well organized, affordable, and hilariously fun event centered around an important cause: Funding a Cure, One Flip at a Time.

- and of course, we can't help but be honored by the endless desire of our male attendees to be "pretty in pink" for a day."

Will Drink For Boobs